Friend To The MSM, John McCain, Comments On Trump-Russia ‘Scandal’ — Is He Crazy?

When there is a civil war within the GOP, the MSM loves no one more than Sen. John McCain. His perspective on Trump matches their agenda and they love to flaunt it.

At an event Tuesday night, McCain did not disappoint his media allies, giving them plenty of ammo to throw at the president. He said that the Trump-Russia-Comey story has now reached “Watergate size and scale.”

At a dinner where he received the International Republican Institute’s Freedom Award, McCain said:

“I think we’ve seen this movie before. The shoes continue to drop, and every couple days there’s a new aspect.”

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According to The Daily Beast, the senator said that the Russia scandal is now at “a point where it’s of Watergate size and scale” and Trump needs to “get it all out … and the longer you delay, the longer it’s going to last.”

Though McCain’s Watergate comment certainly throws fuel on the fire that was already roaring after a New York Times report that Trump tried to influence the FBI’s investigation into former advisor Michael Flynn, AP notes that while there is widespread “consternation” among Republicans, so far many key lawmakers appear to be holding the line. Well, sort of.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is calling for more facts about the situation before rushing to any judgment, saying, “I’m not going to take a memo, I want the guy to come in.” Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) responded to the allegations by underscoring that Trump is being incessantly hounded by a clearly biased media and the target of unprecedented leaks from the intelligence community.

“There isn’t anybody who can run the White House without criticism,” said Hatch. “This man has been subject to more criticism than any predecessor that I know of. They hate him, they didn’t like the fact that he won, he beat their favorite, it was a remarkable election.”

The Daily Wire

Many have also pointed out that if Comey was being strong armed by Trump, why didn’t he say something earlier? He would have had plenty of supporters behind him.

Trump-haters say it’s because Comey feared that if he stepped down, his replacement would not stand up to Trump. (But, if Trump was threatening him, Comey sure as heck didn’t stand up to him.)

Hopefully we will learn the truth soon enough.


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