‘Fuc_ You Michael Moore’: Sarah Palin and Medal of Honor Recipient Dakota Meyer Found a Poster They Really Like

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I think we all agree with that poster right about now.

Amid reports that she is “seriously interested” in running for the White House, Sarah Palin is taking “a lot of heat” for posing in a photo with Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer, as they held up a four-letter message to Michael Moore.

The sign read: “F— you Michael Moore.”

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As has been widely reported, the morbidly obese far-left filmmaker criticized the film “American Sniper,” based on the life of ex-Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, calling snipers “cowards.”

Palin addressed the photo Saturday while speaking at the Iowa Freedom Summit and she didn’t back away from it, telling the audience “what the poster said is what the rest of us are thinking.”

“Man, it seems like we are always kinda going rogue, or something,” she joked.

The former Alaska governor told the Iowa crowd she saw a “bold young vet” holding the sign up at the Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade Show in Las Vegas, and she called him up front where she was signing books with Kyle’s widow, Taya Kyle.

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