FUGITIVE’S FACEBOOK FOLLY: Wanted Man Posts About Mugshot on Police Department’s Facebook Profile Only to be Arrested Minutes Later

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If you’re wanted, posting a police department’s mugshot of yourself on your Facebook profile could shorten life as a fugitive.

That’s just what happened to Anthony James Lescowitch, who police alleged posted the photo to taunt authorities. His life as a fugitive ended 45 minutes later when undercover officers took him into custody, Freeland police announced, fittingly enough, on the department’s Facebook page.

Police said they noticed Lescowitch shared their post about him on his Facebook page minutes after they posted it on theirs, and he mocked police in his post as well.

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So, an undercover officer used a Facebook profile of a fictitious attractive woman to engage in online conversation with Lescowitch through Facebook for about a half hour…

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