#FukYoFlag: Movement Threatens Veteran, Pregnant Wife and ‘F**king Piece of Sh*t Unborn Creature’

Nocturnus-Libertus-Tweet-Photo-640x480These thugs are unhinged. Lock them up for their #hatespeech.

#F***YoFlag movement supporters allegedly told a veteran who infiltrated their publicly posted conference call, “We are going to rape and gut your pregnant wife, and your f***ing piece of sh*t unborn creature will be hung from a tree.”

The veteran, who wants only to be identified by his first name “Nicholas,” claimed that the threatening phone calls have been constant ever since he and some of his abettors infiltrated the F*** Yo Flag movement conference call.

Sunshine” is an organizer in the #FYF911 movement. There are several websites andTwitter handles for the movement.

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#FYF911 “black radicals” say they will be holding the “imperial powers” that are actually responsible for the terrorist attacks on September 11th accountable on that day.

“Palmetto Star” describes himself as one of the head organizers. He said in a YouTube video that supporters will be burning their symbols of “the illusion of their superiority,” their “false white supremacy,” like the American flag, the British flag, police uniforms, and Ku Klux Klan hoods.

Sierra McGrone or “Nocturnus Libertus” posted, “you too can help a young Afrikan clean their a** with the rag of oppression.” She posted two photos, one that appears to be herself, and a photo of a black man, wiping their naked butts with the American flag.

Supporters of the movement, including Palmetto Star, say “9/11 was an inside job. Osama bin Laden was a CIA operative.”

“Fuk Yo Flag (#FYF911)” describes the movement on its website as:

The most powerful movement in the world right now. We, the people, are psychologically and physically breaking free of the imperialist, colonialist, and racist empires by burning representations starting on September 11th 2015.

Why September 11th? We recognize that these imperial powers attacked their own citizens on 9/11 in an attempt to gain more power from its people.

We are not disrespecting any citizen that may have died during these attacks on this day,instead we are acknowledging that, from this day forward, we are holding ALL imperial nations responsible for their needless deaths!

On 9/11 we will be burning American flags, confederate flags, police uniforms, and ALL representations of organized evil and oppressive nations.

We also will be raising the Liberation flag and building on a new nation for the people. This is an INTERNATIONAL movement and a day of unity, progressive action, and liberation.

To all OPPRESSIVE AND ORGANIZED EVIL after #FYF911 the people will not be bound to you any longer!!

FUCK YOUR FLAG!! Hashtag #FYF911 to see what people are doing in your area.

Palmetto Star and other #FYF911 radicals warn that there will be a rally in Atlanta, Georgia, on September 11th. They say they will be safe from the Ku Klux Klan and other white extremists because they will be “open carrying” that day.

While Sunshine is considered an organizer, other black radicals say she is not “the architect.” They say the architect of the movement will be revealed later.

Breitbart Texas has obtained a copy of the radio show broadcast where Sunshine publicly gave out Nicholas’ phone number. Sunshine said she was upset because of the “racist white people that crashed their phone call.” She calls her show “Sunshine’s F***ing Opinion Radio Show.”

She warned Nicholas that the group Anonymous was going to find out where he lived.

Nicholas told Breitbart Texas that he and some cohorts, including a man that goes by the name “Hannibal,” had infiltrated a #FYF911 conference call. He said the conference calls are publicly published and they just called into the conference phone line. He also admitted that they used sound board aps on a computer to interrupt speakers. He said, “It really got them mad.”

Sunshine denounced Nicholas, Hannibal, and those acting with them saying, “Everything that black folk do upsets racist white America.” She continued, “but they have really lost their f***ing minds.”

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