G-20 Summit: Melania Trump Unable to Leave Guest House Due to Violent Protesters

Increasing violence during protests in Hamburg have threatened heads of state and their families’ security during the G-20 Summit; causing more chaos and trouble for law enforcement and security details.

Today, the protests became very real for Melania Trump.

The first lady was supposed to attend her husband’s G-20 program, but due to violent protesters outside she was unable to leave her guest house.

According to The Sun: Stephanie Grisham, Melania’s spokeswoman, said Hamburg police were unable to give them the clearance needed to leave the guest house because the protests were becoming too violent.

The first lady published on her twitter, “Thinking of those hurt in #Hamburg protests. Hope everyone stay safe! #G20”

Protesters have thrown fireworks, bricks and rocks at police, including one of their helicopters.

Law enforcement has had to use water cannons. NBC News published that at least 111 police officers were injured and 29 people arrested.


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