G2 R.I.P Ammunition – Gimmick or Godsend?

RIP_header-590x300It was only a matter of time before someone reintroduced the ultimate man stopper projectile, this time it comes in the form of the Radically Invasive Projectile or R.I.P. The product is from the creative minds at G2 Research and it does appear to be somewhat unique in its design and performance. The marketing blitz behind this new ammo has been epic and as such I’ve been inundated with requests for my opinion on the new cartridge.

The R.I.P. round is machined from solid copper and features eight “trocars”, or individual fingers that are designed to peel away from the core upon impact with tissue. The use of the word “trocar” to describe these barbs is interesting because in a traditional sense they are surgical instruments used to insert a cannula into a body cavity as a drainage outlet.

The entire 9mm projectile weighs 96 grains and is claimed to leave the muzzle at 1265fps generating 370 ft/lbs or joules of muzzle energy (they don’t say which and this figure has changed from 490 in the last 24 hours on their website). Upon impact with tissue the eight “trocars” rapidly separate from the core and head-off into eight different directions with the core creating a 9th wound channel. It appears that the “trocars” penetrate no more than 6″-8″ judging by the video posted by the manufacturer on YouTube. I don’t have a sample bullet to inspect, but my guess is that the core retains a weight around 50 grains or less (about the same as a .22LR) and is claimed to penetrate 16″ of ballistic gelatin, or roughly twice as deep as the “trocars”.

If all of the claims are true, the R.I.P. could prove to be a reasonably lethal cartridge and certainly accomplishes more than previous attempts such as the hyper-velocity loads by Liberty Ammunition that fall short of the FBI penetration requirements for effective incapacitation. That’s a big “IF” though. Since I’ve yet to see a comprehensive 3rd party test of the ammo, all we have to go on are the claims of the manufacturer which can be a bit exaggerated. I’m not saying that G2 Research is being dishonest, I’m saying I’m being the eternal pessimist and will reserve judgement until I have the chance to test the ammo myself.

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Aside from the performance of the ammo, there’s the issue of the marketing behind it. I would not carry this ammo for self defense because of the liability the manufacturer has created by their overly aggressive marketing campaign…

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