GALLUP POLL: 7 in 10 Women View Trump as…

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.06.35 AMThese poll results may or may not come as a shock to you. Do you think Donald Trump has been set up by the media–to be viewed by women this way–or do you think he has done this to himself?

Donald Trump has had issues with his image with women since he announced his presidential campaign last summer, but the gender gap among his supporters has grown steadily in recent months, and now, 70 percent of women hold an unfavorable opinion of the front-runner, a new Gallup Poll shows.

Of all respondents, regardless of party affiliation, more men also have an unfavorable view of Trump:

  • Women: 70 percent unfavorable-23 percent favorable
  • Men: 58 percent favorable-36 unfavorable

Although Trump’s favorability rose slightly in the fall, the gap has been widening since January.

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The poll of 3,600 adults nationwide reveals an ongoing concern that Trump could have difficulty netting the votes among women that he would need to seize a general election victory over likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who is a strong candidate among female voters.

Trump has often pushed back against concerns on his ratings among women, pointing out that many of the key people in his business empire are women.

Campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson Thursday night  attempted to downplay talk that he is staging a “war on women.” She told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly — who has been a center part of Trump’s image issues among women because of the candidate’s ongoing feud with her — that the candidate’s lack of political correctness doesn’t mean that he is against women’s issues.

But still, she acknowledged that even early on, Trump had unfavorable rates among women, and as people started voting, “the issues took over and of course, there is a negative perception out there. You now have Republicans joining in the war on women bandwagon against Mr. Trump.”

The latest Gallup Poll was taken before controversies this week and last that could also affect Trump’s numbers among women even more.

At the beginning of the week, his campaign spokesman, Corey Lewandowski, turned himself in on an arrest warrant issued on allegations that he’d grabbed former Breitbart News reporter Michelle Fields by the arm, causing bruises.

On Wednesday, Trump told MSNBC’s Chris Matthews that he’d favor punishing women who have abortions should the procedure become illegal, although he quickly recast the statement and said that he meant that providers should be the ones to face punishment.


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