Gang of Three Charged with Murder of Two Teens, Shot Dead in Their…

Three thugs — Jose Canales-Yanez, 25, Edgar Garcia-Goana, 24, and Roger Garcia, 19 — have ben indicted on murder charges.

A grand jury for Maryland’s Montgomery County Circuit Court came to the conclusion after hearing the case over the death of two teens, found slain in their car the night before they were supposed to graduate high school.

They were arrested a month ago over the fatal shooting of 17yr-old Shadi Najjar and 18yr-old Artem Ziberov.

According to authorities, the high school seniors were meeting someone at an agreed location on June 5th. They were selling a commencement ticket.

What took place, however, was not expected.

Instead, the three men allegedly fired more than 30 rounds at them.

Police found the two teens riddled with bullets inside the parked Honda Civic and they were pronounced dead at the scene.

Najjar had been shot four times and Ziberov 10 times.

Montgomery County Police Chief J Thomas Manger said the killings may have been a revenge attack after investigators learned that Najjar was rumored to have committed a robbery in late 2016.

They linked the rumor to a report filed by Canales-Yanez’s then-girlfriend, who told police on December 4 that the passenger in a blue Honda Civic had grabbed her iPad and dragged her about 50 feet with the car.

The killing of Ziberov still has an unknown motive, which authorities may consider incidental to the killing of Najjar.

Manger said that just before Najjar died, he texted someone saying he was going to sell the graduation ticket to Roger Garcia, who is also a Northwest High School student.

Daily Mail

‘We’re certainly working on the strong possibility that this was a ruse to get the two victims to that location,’ Manger said last month.

Friends and family were devastate by the news of the teens’ death.

At the graduation ceremony the principal held a moments silence for them.

‘When I spoke to Artem’s mother this morning, while extremely upset, her words to me were “I hope everyone has a great celebration today”,’ said Principal Jimmy D’Andrea as the students struggled to compose themselves.


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