Gangs of New York: Woman Sitting on Park Bench Viciously Attacked and Beaten by Thugs, No One Stepped in to Help [VIDEO]

Editor’s Note: There is something seriously wrong with society 1) because this viscous attack spurred out of no where,  2) people just stood by and watched. Rely on no one to protect you these days. Learn how to fight and shoot. Your life depends on it.

A shocking video has surfaced showing a gang of girls attacking a woman who was sitting alone on a park bench in New York City.

It is not clear when the video, which appears to show an attack in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park, was filmed but police are using it to try to identify the attackers.

Despite the attack taking place during the day, no one was seen coming to the victim’s aid and a group of men standing nearby appeared to be encouraging the attack.

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The footage, which appears to have been filmed on a cell phone before it was shared online, shows a girl approach the victim on a bench and start beating her about the head.

Two other girls join in, and appear to be slapping the woman about the face and upper body, before dragging her by the hair on to the ground.

The victim is seen curled up on the ground, as the girls continue to hit, kick and punch her.

One girl, wearing pink shorts and a white T-shirt, pulls the victim half off the ground by her hair, while another of the attackers kicks her between the shoulder blades.

A third woman, in dark shorts and a blue T-shirt, then kicks the victim in the face and delivers several punches.

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