Gator Bites Man While Bathing in Pond: “It ate his toes off.”

A homeless man in Florida found out, unwillingly, the best way to catch one gator residing in a retention pond and apparently all he had to do was dangle his toes in front of the beast.


Frederic Iman, 68, was taking a bath in Port Charlotte ‘when he was bitten multiple times, according to a statement from the county’s fire department,’ according to Click Orlando.

Somehow Iman was able to walk to a nearby surgical center for help, where employees called 911. “It looks like his pants are torn,” the caller told a dispatcher, WINK-TV reported.

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“It ate his toes off.”

“It ate his toes off?” the emergency operator answers.

Inman was airlifted to Lee Memorial Hospital in Fort Myers, where he was being treated for serious, but non-life-threatening injuries, authorities said.

He sustained bites to his left foot, leg and groin area.

The 9-foot reptile has been seen before in the storm water treatment basin, but had not attacked anyone, residents said.

Click Orlando

“I know that they’re in there,” Ron Theisen told the station. “I look for them. When I first walked up here, I made sure I looked around to be on the safe side because it only takes on mistake and you’re in a world of hurt.”

The gator is set to be killed after it was captured, authorities said.

Maybe the homeless man will think twice about where he baths now too.


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