Gay Author Who Harassed Ivanka on JetBlue Flight Gets Immediate Payback From Her Fans

screen-shot-2016-12-24-at-11-18-56-amWow, his book sure has some awful reviews, just like his husband. He doesn’t have a huge fan base, just like this book. Karma sucks, doesn’t it?

Fans of Ivanka Trump are leaving one-star reviews for a Hillary Clinton supporter’s book after his husband confronted the future first daughter on a flight.

Attorney Daniel Goldstein, of Brooklyn, New York, accosted Ivanka on a JetBlue flight from New York to San Francisco on Thursday, reportedly screaming: ‘Why is she on our flight? She should be flying private.’

His husband Matthew Lasner, who was also on the plane, claims Goldstein simply ‘expressed his displeasure in a calm tone’, but the couple and their child were asked to leave the aircraft.

Since then, both Goldstein and Lasner have been branded ‘scum of the earth’, ‘d*****bags,’ ‘political terrorists’ and ‘heterophobic bigots’, while Lasner’s book has been flooded with bad reviews on Amazon.

Lasner, an urban studies professor at Hunter College who was very vocal about his distaste for Trump on Twitter, wrote a book in 2012 titled High Life: Condo Living in the Suburban Century.

Only one of the 106 reviews left on the book’s Amazon page was written by someone who made a verified purchase in 2013.

The others were written on December 22 and 23 following the incident with Ivanka, with several of the reviews making personal attacks on Lasner.

One review, written by user ‘Amazon Customer’, called Lasner a ‘liberal idiot that harasses a young mother and her three children aboard a Jet Blue airline…’

Other trolls took a more understated approach in referencing their support for Ivanka.

Only one of the 106 reviews left on the book's Amazon page was written by someone who made a verified purchase in 2013

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