GAY LOVER of France Truck Terrorist Makes SHOCKING Statement

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 5.59.23 PMThe elderly gay lover of the France truck terrorist had some comments to make about his demised… and they weren’t affectionate. Check this out.

Bastille Day terrorist Mohamed Bouhlel’s elderly gay lover has revealed how the ISIS killer asked him if he needed a credit card to hire a truck in the weeks before massacred 84 in Nice.

The 73-year-old, who has been identified by detectives as the killer’s ‘principal lover’ said the married Tunisian truck terrorist showed him ISIS beheading videos on his laptop as he became radicalised.

In a tearful interview with Paris Match, the man admitted he had been in a ‘friendship’ with bisexual Bouhlel for seven years, but admitted: ‘My best friend was a murderer, a criminal. If he had a grave I would spit on it.’

Describing the weeks before the attack, he described how Bouhlel’s personality had transformed from his laughing friend- nicknamed Momo – to someone quiet and withdrawn.

‘Momo was somewhere else. He couldn’t look us in the eyes. In one month he had changed,’ he said.

‘He asked me: ‘Tell me dear friend – he always called me dear friend – is it expensive to rent a truck? Do you know whether you have to leave a credit card or can you pay by cheque or cash? And if I don’t give my credit card, can I still hire one?’

‘I asked him why he was asking and what he wanted the truck for. He laughed and said: ‘It’s not for me. I’m asking for a friend – as a favour. I said ‘Bugger that.’

The self-admittedly gay man, who isn’t named and talked only of the killer as his friend and not his lover, claimed he was more a mentor, a father, who had even met his wife who called him when Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhiel had hit her.

Admitting he’d known the swaggering gym enthusiast for seven years; he said he now recognised that in the month before his friend drove his truck along the Promenade des Anglais, mowing down men, women and children, in a deliberate onslaught, he had become silent.


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