GEH RAUS! German Migrant Coordinator Pleads to Double Deportations

Angela Merkel’s Chief of Staff, Peter Altmaier, is feeling the heat of his boss’s bad immigration policy. Check out why he wishes to double the deportation rate.

Germany should step up deportations of migrants whose asylum applications have been rejected, the country’s government coordinator for migrant issues said in comments printed Saturday, suggesting it would be realistic to double last year’s numbers of those sent home.

Some 22,200 migrants were deported from Germany last year and 37,220 returned home voluntarily, Peter Altmaier was quoted by the Funke Media group of newspapers saying.

“A realistic benchmark for 2016 would be a doubling of these numbers — that’s where the states must take action,” he said.

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Germany saw 1.1 million migrants enter the country last year and has been working to speed up the process of either granting them asylum or sending them home if they don’t qualify for it.

So far, most of the migrants who have been deported have come from the Balkans, after Germany made clear that it would only accept the asylum requests from people fleeing conflict or persecution, not those seeking to improve their economic situations.


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