GENEROSITY BEYOND WORDS: Check Out Who’s Paying for the Funeral of the Charleston Victims

memorialHopefully this will allow not only Charleston to heal, but our entire country as well.

In what could have ripped this country apart, the tragic shootings in Charleston seem to be (for the moment) bringing our nation together with an outpouring of sympathy and grief for the victims.

Today, the NY Daily News reports:

The owner of the NFL’s Carolina Panthers is paying for the funeral costs of the nine victims killed in Wednesday’s church massacre in Charleston.

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“Please accept the enclosed check from the Carolina Panthers in the amount of $100,000 to provide $10,000 per family to help defray funeral costs and other financial needs of each,” Richardson’s letter read, “and $10,000 for the church as a memorial honoring the victims. Our hearts are one with those who grieve the loss of these individuals.”

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