Georgia College Alum Wants to Remove Justice Thomas’ Name From School Building Over Sexual Assault Allegations

Alumni at a Georgia college have started a petition to remove Justice Clarence Thomas' name from one of their buildings over sexual assault allegations.

Kavanaugh isn’t the only Supreme Court Justice under fire. Some students and alumni at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Georgia have started a petition to remove Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ name from a building on the campus.

The Clarence Thomas Center for Historical Preservation was previously an orphanage and convent for the Missionary Sisters of the Franciscan order. Growing up, Thomas served as an alter boy at the convent and in 2010, the school named the restored building in his honor.

But now that honor is being threatened. SCAD students and alum have garnered over 1,000 signatures for their online petition to remove Thomas’ name from the building.

The building’s name was brought into question after the recent confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who has been accused of a series of sexual assaults.

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When Thomas was nominated to the high court, he went through a very similar experience when Anita Hill accused him of sexual assault in 1991.

Sage Lucero, the SCAD alum who started the petition, said she never knew the building was named after Thomas.

“No one ever called that building by Clarence Thomas, it was always just the preservation, historic preservation building,” she told news outlet WTOC.

Lucero said she was already in contact with SCAD leaders. “I’m actually talking to the president, or one of the president’s of SCAD this evening when I have more time about it, because she contacted me, so I hope to push something forward with that.”

SCAD released a statements stating they were aware of the petition and confirmed that they had reached out to Lucero.

In her petition, Lucero calls for the college to rename the building after none other than Thomas’ accuser, Anita Hill. She draws parallels between Anita Hill and Dr. Christine Ford. She describes the media storm that arose around Thomas and Hill, saying, “the incident became one person’s word against another’s.”

“The same situation is happening before our eyes today with Dr. Ford and Brett Kavanaugh. When will we learn that a victim’s trauma should outweigh politics? For women like Dr. Ford, and Anita Hill to come forward and speak out about what happened to them is extremely traumatic. For someone to not believe a victim who remembers sheer details such as laughter and has gone through therapy because of it is honestly disgraceful.”

She then pleads for people to sign her petition, ending with, “It’s utterly disgraceful to me that I attended a school where a building was named after a sexual predator.  And not just any sexual predator, one who wrongfully won against a woman’s word,” she said.

Thomas was voted in by the Senate with a 52-48 vote. Kavanaugh received a 50-48 vote.


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