GERMANY: Cartoon Etiquette Handed Out at Public Pools Due to Groping Muslims

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 10.33.41 AMForget the cartoons. The barrel of a gun pointed at their face is universal language for stop or die.

German authorities have resorted to issuing cartoon leaflets in public swimming pools in an attempt to stop gangs of migrants groping women.

In the wake of the sex assaults in Cologne on New Year’s Eve and a wave of reported cases of sexual harassment in swimming baths, officials have now created a special cartoon guide on appropriate etiquette.

The illustrations feature German captions with subtitles in English and Arabic and warn migrants not to wear underwear instead of swimming trunks, harass women, or push them in the water.

Some 20,000 leaflets in seven languages have been issued across refugee facilities and public pools and a second edition is already in the pipeline.

A spokesman for Munich public services said the leaflets contained bathing rules and ‘intercultural subjects’, developed in cooperation with the equality office, the anti-discrimination office and the Centre for Intercultural Cooperation of the City of Munich.

A spokesman added: ‘We had a number of incidents in swimming pools with migrants who could not swim and do not understand our language, written warnings, bans or instructions.

‘The principle of acceptance of women – no matter what clothes they’re wearing – was not be respected by all visitors, hence the explicit indication.

‘The multilingual information helps the staff communicate and is helping them in prevention work.’

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