GET IT GRANNY: Shoots Armed Intruder Entering Her Home, But The Story Doesn’t Stop There!


This grandmother was faced with ‘the scare of her life’. The man broken in and immediately pointed a gun in her face. Somehow she managed to grab her gun and that’s when the story gets interesting. Check this out!

According to CNN, the incident occurred in Bowie County, Texas, as 74-year-old Rebbie Roberson sat down to watch the news.

Roberson said that a man armed with a gun “broke into her home.”

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“When I started to get up [from my recliner], he was in here on me with a gun facing me,” she recounted.

Roberson managed to get to her .38 revolver, which was sitting on a nearby table, and pointed it at the suspect.

She said the intruder ran, and she gave chase, shooting as she went. “Bullet holes in the walls of her home” tell the tale, showing the path the suspect took as he fled under fire.


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