Get A Gun: National Guardsman’s Grocery Shopping With Family Turns Into Potentially Deadly Nightmare, But He Had A Gun


This is why having a gun always helps. Check it out.

Earlier this year, 2nd Lt. Joshua Nelson found himself caught in the middle of a potential life-and-death situation during a routine trip to a Del Rio, Texas, Walmart with his wife and kids. The family was just gathering some items for a trip to the lake when a woman’s distressed screams derailed the otherwise peaceful night.

“Stop, put it down!” he heard a woman yell.

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Nelson said he quickly located the horrified woman and saw a “pretty large man” holding a big fish fillet knife to her stomach.

Nelson, a West Virginia Air National Guardsman, told TheBlaze he has a concealed carry permit and carries his firearm everywhere he can while he’s off base. His wife also carries.

“Before I even walked over, I told my wife to go to the front of the store with the kids and call the police,” he said, explaining that his first concern was the safety of his family

Nelson said he then carefully approached the knife-wielding man and “thought real hard about drawing my gun.” He ultimately decided to keep a hand on his firearm and let the assailant know he was armed rather than drawing out of fear that he might cut the woman in a panic.

“I didn’t have to draw,” he told TheBlaze. “He knew I was armed and at that point, he became a little more cooperative. I was pretty forceful in demanding him to put the knife down.”

But the attacker ended up turning the knife on himself and threatened to attempt suicide. Nelson proceeded to talk the suspect down, telling him that it “wasn’t worth it” and that he would assist him in getting some help.

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