Get Down With The System: 3 Ways God Responds to Wicked Leaders

Screenshot 2014-06-22 at 9.15.07 AMEditor’s Note: I wish God had a standard ‘lighting strike to the cranium’ response to wicked leaders. Check out what God’s 3 responses are.

I don’t know about you, but when I look at the multifaceted ways Obama and his ilk are destroying our nation I get more angry and depressed than Ted Nugent being forced to watch Lois Lerner do an interpretive dance to Boy George’s song Do You Really Want To Hurt Me, the extended cut.

Obama has overwhelmed/is truly overwhelming our nation with truly overwhelming cataclysmic crises that have left a lot of good people saying, “Screw it. I’m moving to Panama.”

Despair seems to be the soup de jour and it’s being served up to us cold. Ice cold.

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When I get around people who still give a flip about our nation the conversation inevitably goes to “What can we do to stop this fetid mess BHO and his boys are foisting upon our land?”

The typical response is: Get knowledgeable about what our nation was originally intended to be and what a cartoon of that we have now become. After that get active, get vocal, protest, vote with your money, join Facebook groups with like-minded warriors, go to a bunch of conferences, scream at the television, and of course, vote during elections.

The problem is we do all that and it still doesn’t look like we’re putting a dent in what the President and the progressives are doing to our land and a lot of folks think that our votes won’t count anyway because of voter fraud and corruption.

Some people of faith conclude, “Well … I guess this is The End. Our preacher said it was gonna get this way before Jesus returns to kick some ass.’ And they resolve themselves to apathy and cynicism and become about as active Howard Hughes was during the flu season.

Speaking of God, for those who still care about Him and what He and His word think, what does the Bible say we should believe and look for when our nation is getting gutted and ransacked by leaders and policies that try to dispense with that which is holy, just and good? Does it lead us to despair? Should we look for Jesus to rapture us out of this mess? Should our current climate make believers act like Lewis Black? Are. We. Done. For?

First off, let state that as much as it might look like we’re Paula Abduling and going one step forward and three steps back with the best of our efforts to right the Obama wrongs, I do believe our righteous works are working and we need to step everything that we’re doing up several notches and get aggressive with the progressives.

Secondly, who the heck says that God’s only recourse when dealing with sucky situations is to rapture his people out the mess they’ve allowed themselves to get into? Biblically we’ve got a slew of passages that show that God can and will jackhammer rulers who dispense with his way and turn nations into a lawless, idolatrous and godless mess. For instance check out Psalm 2 gloomy Christian …

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