GETTING FRISKY ON THE JOB: Meet Hamptons ‘Sex’ Cop Who was Busted Trespassing with Gal Pal

Mario Julio Galeano

The East Hampton cop who was caught allegedly bedding a meter maid inside a village cottage is a decorated officer whose mom says he’s a “good boy” who still lives at home with her.

Law-enforcement sources identified Julio Mario Galeano, 31, as the village cop facing disciplinary action — and possible criminal charges — over the alleged love-shack tryst while off duty.

Galeano was stripped of his badge and gun and suspended with pay after three house guests arrived at the vacation home of prominent Manhattan designer J. Arthur Dunnam on Dec. 30 and found Galeano romping with a 20-year-old woman, according to police.

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Galeano’s gal pal, worked as a part-time, civilian traffic-control officer for his department and had access to the house because she was also a part-time house cleaner for Dunnam.

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