Getting Raped? There’s An App For That


Usually there is a struggle when a woman is getting raped and I don’t think the creep is going to give her a second to press the ‘SOS button’. Ladies, learn how to defend yourselves, it is more effective than your smart phone.

Uber has added an ‘SOS button’ for users in India.

The news comes just two months after Uber came under intense scrutiny following the alleged rape of a woman by a New Delhi driver.

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If pressed, the button will pull up a prompt to call local authorities. When the user confirms the action, the button automatically contacts police. The feature is available with an app update.

There is also an option to quickly send a status update to emergency contacts. This replaces the “Share my ETA” update and allows users to immediately contact five people they know (users select those contacts). All five will receive a link to view your trip progression in real time, according to Uber. There’s no SMS charge for the service.

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