‘GETTING RID OF THE DEVIL’S TEMPLE’: Woman Tries to Set Fire to Yoga Studio Where Man Sexually Harassed Her, Smiles in Mugshot


Instead of resorting to arson, know how to fight. That way when the sexual harassment tries to begin, you can stop it real quick.

A woman says she was looking for relief when she broke in and set fire to a yoga studio.

The door to American Power Yoga was boarded up Monday, but the manager tells us the damage is minimal, and they are moving forward with regularly scheduled classes. Suzanne Duarte admits she’s responsible for the damage, and she wants people to know why she did it.

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“Most people can’t understand the smiling mugshot,” Duarte said through glass at a visitation room in the Dallas County Jail.

It’s a strange expression for someone who’s just been arrested for trying to burn down the yoga studio where she practiced, but Nancy Duarte, who goes by Suzanne, says she smiled in her mugshot because she’s trying to let go of her anger, which is why she went to American Power Yoga Saturday carrying a baseball bat and a can of gasoline.

“I thought it was going to make me happy… to burn the place that had brought me so much pain and suffering,” Duarte said.

Duarte has longstanding disputes with two men associated with the yoga studio.

“He kept hitting on me and kept trying to make me the girlfriend on the side,” Duarte claimed about one of the men.

She says both men continued to harass her for years in and out of the studio.

“Even as I’m walking out the door, he kept trying to put his hands on me, and I was like, ‘No!’” Duarte said.

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