GHOST GUN BILL PASSES: California “Ghost Gun” Bill Passes State Senate, Targets 3D Printed Guns

Last Thursday the California state Senate approved SB 808, a bill sponsored by Senator Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles) that seeks to regulate homemade and 3D-printed firearms. De Leon and the bill’s supporters refer to these firearms as “ghost guns,” or firearms that lack a serial number and can be obtained without a background check.

“Advances in technology, particularly 3D printers, have created a threat of plastic and self-assembled firearms,” said de Leόn in a release. “We’re even beginning to see an emerging industry and market for untraceable and undetectable ghost guns.”

SB 808 will require homemade or self-assembled firearms to be registered with the Department of Justice through a serial number and gun owner background check. 3D-printed firearms will require a permanent metal component that can be screened by metal detectors.

Supporters of the bill say that this requirement will keep homemade firearms out of the hands of criminals and those barred from owning them. Gun rights groups, however, say that the bill will only provide a serious headache for police officers.

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