GIRLS TALK GUNS: Katie Pavlich and World Shooting Champion Julie Golob Talk about Guns at SHOT Show

hg_juliegolob_201003-aLast week at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, I had the honor of sitting down with world shooting champion, hunter, Army veteran, mother, author and Smith & Wesson team captain Julie Golob.

Julie has won over 120 championship titles and wrote her first book, SHOOT: Your Guide to Shooting and Competition, in 2012.

If you’re new to shooting or want to learn more about the sport, I highly recommend picking up her book. She also offers tips and tricks on everything from cooking wild game to shooting on her website.

KP: How many classes or what kinds of classes should young women take before considering a gun purchase?

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JG: Everyone needs to learn firearms safety and whether you learn that through an actual firearms safety class or you learn to understand them online, it’s absolutely critical even before you start to think about purchasing a gun, or training or anything else. After that, I think it has to do with your comfort level, it’s a very personal thing. If you’re anxious about owning a firearm or shooting for the first time then you’re going to need a little bit more guidance into the process than somebody who maybe grew up around guns who is, you know, starting to get interested. So it all depends, it’s a very personal question.

KP: After women have gone through that process, maybe taken some classes, gotten their education, what kind of firearms, obviously Smith & Wesson, but how should women choose a gun because I know a lot of the time they’re overwhelmed. We’re at SHOT Show, there are so many options, how do you decide what you pick and what to choose?

JG: Yeah, you have to decide whether you want a semi-automatic or a revolver, you have to decide what caliber you want. You know, there’s a lot of things that can become confusing but I think that it is important to go with what feels comfortable. If you can’t reach the controls in the firearm, it’s not the gun for you. If you can’t pull the trigger because the trigger is too heavy, it’s not the gun for you. Some women like full size big guns and other women want something that’s absolutely concealable because they want to wear it on their body everyday. So again, it’s so personal. It’s like shoes.

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