Glenn Beck Raises $1.8 Million to Donate Food and Clothing to Illegal Immigrant Children

Editor’s Note: While America’s system is flooded with illegal immigrants, Glenn Beck takes the humanitarian approach and raises money to cloth and feed them.

Glenn Beck is heading south to McAllen, Texas where he hopes to provide some relief to the thousands of children being held at detention facilities as well as give food to local churches.

He told Bill O’Reilly that his charity has raised about $1.8 million.  Donations of clothing, food and comforts like teddy bears and soccer balls have been coming in. He said that Americans have a “personal responsibility for mercy.”

There are currently about 57,000 children being held at detention centers across the Southwest.  Homeland Security officials confirmed that some 40 illegal immigrants, including both adults and children, were returned to Honduras from a U.S. detention facility in New Mexico on Monday.

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Beck added that the lack of U.S. border security and immigration reform has been a huge problem for some time and it’s a big reason why so many Americans, including himself, are “angry.”

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