Go Back Home: Third Bus Load of Illegal Immigrants Turned Around in So-Cal

murrieta-protest-770x330Editor’s Note: Tensions are high at the border. Violence could break out at any time.

The third busload of illegal immigrants headed for a border patrol processing station in Murrieta, California, has been diverted to another San Diego-area facility due to ongoing protests from citizens who are opposed to the government’s handling of the border crisis.

The situation was expected to get tense; with protesters from both sides present and the possibility of a riot police squad.

Politichicks reports:

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A source at the site of the protests said the Murrieta Police Department has removed the barricades and opened the roads. However, the 35 foot watch tower that was erected by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department is still there, the Riot Squads never showed up, there was no militia, but LaRaza was represented.

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