‘GO F–K YOURSELF’: Woman Beats the Snot Out of Sex Predator

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 9.15.18 AMThe only real way to handle a sexual predator.

A dangerous sex predator bit off more than he could chew when he pounced on a woman kickboxer who used her martial arts skills to throttle him.

Mark Willis, 39, repeatedly punched the woman as she walked home through Cheltenham in the early hours of the morning.

He pushed her over a wall into a front garden and then jumped on top of her and tried to pull down her shorts, Gloucester crown court was told.

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But the woman, who regularly goes kick boxing and has also taken a self defence course, quickly turned the tables on Willis.

She told the court how she first tried to break his arm with a hold she had been taught – and then got him in a scissor-grip with her legs, throttling him so forcibly that he passed out.

The woman told the jury that when Willis first got on top of her he told her “Be quiet and do as I tell you and you won’t get hurt.”

She went on “I swore at him.

“I think I said something like ‘go f*** yourself.’

“He hit me again in the face.

“He was grabbing at my clothing.”

She said she tried to apply an armlock which would have broken his arm or caused him a lot of pain

“The intention is to send the elbow in the wrong direction and cause extreme pain or a break,” she said.

“I was not able to do that.

“I think he figured out what I was trying to do because he managed to wriggle free and he hit me again repeatedly in the face.

“I was stunned for a moment.

“Again I could feel him grabbing between my legs and pulling at my clothes.

“My legs were still free so I lifted my left leg up onto his shoulder and around the back of his neck.

“I crossed my right leg over and squeezed together as hard as I could.

“He seemed to struggle for air – which was the point!

“His head was locked down.

“He lifted his right hand and literally pounded as hard as he could on the side of my face.

“I closed my eyes and held it for as long as I could hoping he would pass out in a few seconds.

“Then I felt his body go limp.

“I thought he had lost consciousness or run out of air.

“I flipped him off, rolled over and crawled through the bushes to the door of the house.

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