God & Guns: David vs Goliath Would Have a Different Outcome if Gun-Control ‘Logic’ was Applied

thThis article pokes fun at those pastors who feel guns are not for the Christian. Check it out.

An Episcopal Bishop recently said that Jesus wouldn’t be in the NRA and that “there is no Biblical scripture to support gun ownership”, I began to think of stories from the Bible that encapsulates the right to keep and bear arms.

The story that came to mind was David and Goliath.

To summarize, Goliath stood nearly 9 feet tall, wore 125 pounds of body armor, wielded a spear whose iron head weighed 15 pounds along with a sword as a backup weapon.

David carried an assault sling shot with a high capacity magazine of 5 smooth stones that he picked up on the way to meet Goliath.

Now, at this point let’s start applying Gun Control “Logic.”

First of all David was a youth and shouldn’t even have access to a projectile weapon and Saul should have kept it locked in a combination safe.

Secondly, who needs more than one stone?  The four extra stones obviously meant that David meant knock off a liquor store on his way home.

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Thirdly, without sling shot registration, who knows how many of those giant slayers are out there.  Think of all the child giants.

Fourthly, David could have just ran away…sure it would have meant the utter destruction and enslavement of Israel…but at least he wouldn’t have had to use a projectile weapon to kill someone.

Finally, the Israelites should arrest David because he committed a racist hate crime and the media will portray poor innocent Goliath as someone just taking a peaceful walk through the valley of Elah when he was shot down by a trigger happy shepherd.

So, when we apply gun control “logic” to the story of David and Goliath, what exactly does that logic suggest?

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