Going to the Court House: Lerner is in Deep Trouble as Lawmakers Push Court Case for her ‘Misleading Congress’

lernerHouse Speaker John Boehner confirmed to Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Monday that lawmakers plan to press the Justice Department to consider a criminal case against ex-IRS official Lois Lerner for “misleading the Congress.”

Boehner also said if Lerner does not cooperate soon by providing information on the IRS targeting scandal, the House would hold her in contempt of Congress.

“Somebody at the IRS violated the law,” Boehner said on “The Kelly File.”

“Whether it was Lois Lerner or not, we’ll find out.”

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A meeting of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to consider contempt is set for Thursday.

But before that, the House Ways and Means Committee will meet Wednesday to prepare a letter to the Justice Department citing possible criminal activity by Lerner.Formal notice was given Monday night by the committee to Attorney General Eric Holder about the referral for possible criminal prosecution of Lerner “based on evidence the Committee has uncovered in the course of investigation of IRS abuses.”

Fox News has learned the letter will argue Lerner violated the constitutional rights of citizens, gave misleading information to investigators and inappropriately released private taxpayer information.

The accusations generally relate to the scandal over the agency’s practice of singling out conservative groups seeking non-profit status for extra scrutiny.

Boehner told Kelly that any criminal case against Lerner would be for “misleading the Congress.”

He said at the Ways and Means Committee’s Wednesday session, “they will go over this letter that they have put together outlining names of taxpayers who’ve been harmed and aggrieved and lay out a case for how Ms. Lerner misled the committee.”

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