When Good Guys Carry Guns: Gun Totting Hero Saves the Day During Armed Robbery

businessman-with-concealed-gunAround 9:30 last night, Matt Dosser was out for a walk when he came across two roughly 18-year-old-looking guys pounding violently on the door of the University Market on the 300 block of 37th Avenue Northeast.

Dosser, a 41-year-old carry permit holder, told the Star Tribune that he saw one of the two carrying a gun, so he unholstered his own firearm.

The gun-wielding suspect “turned around and looked at me,” Dosser told the Strib. “He stared at me. I had my weapon up. I didn’t point the gun at the person. I had it at the ready, out of the holster.”

“His buddy said something to him, and then he had this surprised look on his face, and they both ran to his vehicle and took off,” Dosser continued.

He then entered the store, where he found the owner, 41-year-old Mohamed Ahmed, with his head split open as a result of being pistol-whipped by one of the suspects.

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Dosser waited with Ahmed until police arrived.

Ahmed later explained that when the suspects entered the store in …

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