GOOD JOB DAD: Father Gave his College Daughter a Gun, Saves her Life During Home Invasion

Imagine if she hadn’t had her gun. Good job dad for arming your daughter! #GirlsJustWannaHaveGuns

This University of Central Florida student stood her ground.

Thanks to her father who gave her a revolver when she went off to college, college student Sable Nehme was able to save both herself and her boyfriend when two home invaders broke into her apartment Tuesday near the university’s Orange County campus, WFTV reported.

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When two men burst into the apartment and forced boyfriend Nour Skargee to the floor at gunpoint and threatened to kill Nehme, Nehme backed into the bedroom, where she kept the loaded revolver in a closet.

“I was helpless on the ground and it went from like, complete despair until, you know, I see her in the hallway holding a big revolver, and they’re running out the door,” Skargee told the station.

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