Hillary Clinton testifies

If you’re at all familiar with political comings and goings over the past several years, you’ll recognize the name Benghazi. Spoken in conservative circles, the name invokes political condemnation of President Obama and Hillary Clinton – spoken in liberal circles, it embodies a political witch hunt and conservative rhetoric run amok.

So, why should you care about Benghazi? Because the truth matters.

Vital information about the 2012 consulate attack continues to be revealed to the American public, and we understand that our elected officials knowingly misconstrued information in the aftermath. And worse, we have learned that the deaths of four Americans very likely could have been prevented if not for bureaucratic indecision and bungling.

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Per emails obtained by Judicial Watch, military forces were not only identified, but ready to be deployed the night of the attack – contrary to testimony given by former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta in 2013. A major defense of lack of support that night hinges upon the story that US forces were too far away and there wasn’t time to coordinate adequate support. This email proves that was not the case, and is yet another nail in the coffin for the government’s story.

Never mind that government ineptness resulted in the denial of additional security for the consulate months before the attack, and never mind that the administration claimed the cause of the attack was an internet video, even though intel on the ground said it was not … a false narrative was promoted despite the evidence. This remains an insult not only to the intelligence of the American public, but the memories of those who died.

The American public deserves the truth, and until the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton bridge the gap between reality and their version of history, Benghazi will remain contentious.


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