Government Goons Arrest Raw Milk Farmer Over Raw Milk

Vernon Hershberger(NaturalNews) Raw milk farmer Vernon Hershberger has been unjustly maligned by a tyrannical system of bad government. His family and farm were subjected to an armed raid by government goons who trampled all over his private property and accused him of committing “dairy crimes” by distributing raw milk to a small group of people who were members of a private buying club.

Hershberger, who has an Amish background, was then hauled into court where the state attempted to prosecute him and send him to jail for the “crime” of producing real food in America. Thankfully, he was recently found innocent on most of the charges, but then his farm was mysteriously set on fire in the middle of the night, destroying over $100,000 worth of equipment and buildings.

Get up to speed on these events at this excellent website:

Why support Vernon Hershberger?

In case you’re asking this question, the answer is because Vernon Hershberger is on the front lines of the battle for food rights and farming freedom, and he is a “peaceful warrior” for these sacred rights that are being aggressively and repeatedly violated by a criminal government.

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We are living in dark times where our own government declares real food to be criminal. We are suffering under a criminal regime that respects no rights, no privacy, no liberty and no law. People like Vernon Hershberger are those rare champions who are willing to face these great injustices and do battle with evil in classic David vs. Goliath fashion.

Thus, he needs our support, and that’s why we have donated cash and product to his fundraiser. Join us in supporting the Hershberger family at:


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