Grab a Tissue: Heartbreaking Image of Airman Cradling Dead Service Dog Draped in American Flag Goes VIRAL

Dogs have a way of giving unconditional affection and love. They’re there for you in the most difficult and happiest of times. This is especially so for service dogs.

Sad day for this Air Force Sergeant.

Sergeant Kyle Smith, from North Carolina, bid an emotional farewell to four-legged companion Bodza after the German Shepherd was put down.

A picture showed Kyle’s giving his partner a tender hug as the dead dog was draped in the US flag.

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Thousands have shared the picture since it emerged on social media.

Kyle said the decision to put down Bodza was one of the hardest he has ever had to make.

The pair served side-by-side on four military tours before the soldier adopted him when Bodza retired in 2014.

Kyle noticed the dog’s health began to suffer last year when he had trouble jumping on the back of his truck.

As his symptoms worsened, Bodza was diagnosed him with degenerative myelopathy.


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