Granny Got A Gun: 90-Year-Old Texan Great-Granny in Standoff with SWAT


Screen Shot 2014-08-03 at 8.06.12 AMEditor’s Note: A 90-year-old woman threatened construction workers with her shotgun, leading to a four-hour police standoff. She didn’t like the way the neighborhood was changing. Some people just don’t want things to change.

Authorities engaged in a four-hour standoff in a Texas town with a woman on Thursday.

Eleouise Adcock, 90, of Channelview pointed a shotgun at construction workers earlier that morning, KPRC reported.

A SWAT team was called in after they reported her to authorities, the station said.

‘[The construction workers] told us she has pointed weapons at them before,’ Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy Thomas Gilliland told KPRC.

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