GRANNY’S GOT A GUN: Fends Off THREE Home Invaders [VIDEO]

What a wonderful news story. This woman was able to protect herself and homestead by practicing her second amendment right. What America is all about.

A Boynton Beach grandmother was home alone when three burglars entered her house.

But what she did next may surprise you.

“It was really scary. It was a very, very scary situation. ‘Cause I had no idea what they were gonna do,” said the woman, whom we agreed not to identify.

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About 12:45 Tuesday afternoon she went to the peephole and saw a man was at her front door, banging on the door, ringing the bell.

He left but came back a few minutes later, with a T-shirt over his head, and putting on gloves, so she ran to the bedroom to get a handgun from the dresser beside her bed.

“I heard something, glass breaking and then I was freaking out,” she recalled.

Three menthree burglars—- were in her living room, and she was in the bedroom standing just inside the doorway ready to shoot them if they entered.

“I decided that it’s either them or me, you know. I had to save my life. One of them came to the door here and opened it and when he did I had the gun in his face,” she said.

She said she had no idea if the intruders were armed. But she was not about to become a victim.

She had a gun and she was ready to use it.


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