Great Success: Texas Man Hits 1MOA Target at. 2.07 Miles

targetBilly Carter, a native of Spring, Texas, hit a 1 MOA target from a distance of 2.07 miles at the NRA Whittington U Long Distance Range last week. Carter improved the accuracy of his 2013 record, shooting a CheyTac USA M200 Intervention® chambered in .375 CheyTac topped with a Vortex Razor HD Gen1 scope.

“Every time you pull a trigger on a gun, you get more accurate with it,” Carter said. “This time I hope we’ve polished off some of the myth surrounding last year’s shot. I really don’t think anything is impossible at this point.”

Carter, who grew up in Houston, began working at an early age on his family’s gun range. Carter’s Country, now a 50 year staple in the shooting sports community, services an average 5,000 shooters monthly and performs thousands of sight-ins just before hunting season every year.

“I’m not a military trained marksman and definitely not an expert,” Carter relates, “but I have had 40 or more years pulling triggers on all kinds of guns. I’ve learned to get a feel for each gun and its trigger, which aides in the ability to shoot long distance accurately.”

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Carter, along with friends Jim Elmore, Bruce Mansur, and Gerald Guzman took their rifle-shooting hobby to a new level at the McMillan long range facility in Arizona. The group first felt the thrill of long distance shooting when they attended the NRA Wittington U Extreme Long Range program the following year.

Sights set on the longest distance possible, Carter dug into what had already been done in long range shooting. The answer being: not much. He partnered with CheyTac USA, LLC., and happened upon a gun and a caliber that could go the distance.

Developed to overcome the shortcomings of .50 caliber rifles, CheyTac USA chambered their M200 Intervention® in a necked-down .408 round called .375 CheyTac. “It shoots further, hits harder and is far more accurate than the .50 caliber,” said Dave McCutcheon, President of CheyTac USA.

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