GREEDY SHARK: Greedy Shark Rescued after Trying to eat a MOOSE and Nearly Choked to Death

article-2511895-1995DF9500000578-405_634x416A shark was rescued from a certain death after it had bitten off a bit more than he could chew.

The Greenland shark was spotted choking on a two-foot long chunk of moose in a harbour in Norris Arm North, Newfoundland.

Derrick Chaulk and Jeremy Ball saw the 8ft animal and saved it by pulling the moose out of its mouth.

Mr Chaulk was the first to arrive at the scene and first thought the Greenland shark was a beached whale.

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Upon closer inspection he realised what it was and saw that the shark was still alive, the moose sticking out of its mouth.

‘The moose had the fur and all the liner on it – it was about two feet long,‘ Mr Chaulk told CBS Canada.

‘He swallowed and got it halfway down and couldn’t cough it back up and couldn’t get it all down, and then I think the tide brought him in.’

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