Greta Van Susteren Comes Out Swinging At Obama: ‘At Best, He Blew It. At Worst, He Doesn’t Give a Damn.’ [VIDEO]

Editor’s Note: Watch out Obama, Greta is coming after you! This woman is fierce and awesome. She has every right to be outraged with this case. Check out the video!

Tonight in Greta Van Susteren’s “Off the Record” commentary, the Fox News host slammed the president for not doing more to free the Marine being held in a Mexican prison.

“I’m furious at President Obama and you should be too. At best, he blew it. At worst, he doesn’t give a damn,” Van Susteren said, referencing Obama’s talk with the president of Mexico yesterday.

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The pair spoke about the border and according to the White House notes of that call, President Obama said nothing about Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi.

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