GROOMED TERRORIST: Connected to ISIS Attack FBI Agent in New York

Glad they caught this POS.

A New York man suspected of plotting to help ISIS attacked law enforcement agents with a knife early Wednesday as they conducted one of several ongoing anti-terror operations against ISIS sympathizers in the U.S., authorities said.

No one on the Joint Terrorism Task Force team, made up of state, local and federal law enforcement agents, was hurt in the attack allegedly carried out by Fareed Mumuni just a day after another New York man, Munther Saleh, was charged with plotting to make a pressure cooker bomb. Authorities believe Saleh and Mumuni were working together, and both allegedly told police they “had pledged allegiance” to ISIS.

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“Saleh stated that Mumuni planned to travel to the Islamic State and also expressed his intent to attack members of law enforcement who have been performing surveillance on Mumuni,” federal prosecutors wrote in a letter urging a Brooklyn federal judge to jail Mumuni pending trial.

A federal law enforcement source told Fox News that anti-terrorism investigators are building numerous cases and expect several federal indictments in the coming weeks before July 4. Each of the cases involve homegrown extremists radicalized through social media, said the source.

In the last two weeks, Department of Justice prosecutors have brought indictments against at least five terror suspects.

Charges were expected to be filed against the Mumuni, who lives in Staten Island, in Brooklyn Federal Court later Wednesday.

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