GROSS: He/She Artist Collects 200 Gallons of Urine to Protest Trump — Demonstrates How [VIDEO]

This transgendered artist, Ronald Feldman, is quite literally PISSED about Trump’s election; at least that is what he (or she?) calls the ‘sculpture’ of urine.

The artist turned 200 gallons of their urine into an exhibit to protest against President Donald Trump.


How do we know about this? Well, Vice News proudly interviewed the creative mind on the project. In the publication’s video, Feldman goes into detail about the ‘“Monumental” art exhibit that allegedly takes aim at President Trump rescinding former President Obama’s rule on trans bathrooms,’ reports 100 Percent Fed Up.

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The rule forced schools to allow trans students to choose any bathroom they wanted to use, instead of by their biological anatomy. The Trump administration has now said that states will be able to choose the bathroom policies of their liking.

“According to Cassils’ website, the ‘PISSED’ sculpture of the ‘Monumental’ exhibit involves all of the urine Cassils has passed since the Trump administration rescinded the Obama-era policy. Audio from the Gavin Grimm case is also played in the background,” 100 Percent Fed Up disclosed.

Here is the video below. Watch at your own risk.

Below are some social media posts Ronald Feldman made on his exhibition:




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