GROSS: Michelle Tells Crowd She’s A Sex Symbol — And It Blows Up In Her Face

michelleCan we get a ‘NO’ on this, please. We’ve heard a lot of the ‘same-old, same-old’ come from Michelle, but this, this is a new low. Just check out the speech. It’s pretty silly.

“While bragging about herself and the accomplishments she’s had in life, she described how she had to overcome a lot simply for being a woman. She whined that she wasn’t taken seriously because of her gender and that anything she had to say was often disregarded because men only saw her for her body. Carrying on that note, she said she couldn’t walk down the street without being gawked at, that men would practically swarm her, hoping for a look and perhaps even a grope. The thought of that actually happening, which is doubtful, is as gross as she looks to the rest of us,” reports Mad World News.

Michelle’s speech was aimed to empower women, trying to convince them they can do anything they set their minds to. A message anyone can agree with. However, Michelle’s inflated ego got in the way and went down this rabbit hole of how she was able to succeed despite being sexy in a “man’s world.”

The video of her recording leaked to the inter-webs and boy did viewers have an opposing response.

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