GROSS! What Women are Doing in the Name of Feminism Will Make You Puke

WARNING: This will induce vomit.

You might have though feminism was a movement that empowered women, that showed them they could do great things.

Well, sorry to break it to you, but that’s not what feminism is; not to these women anyway.

These women are gross, and should we say desperate? For attention? For “acceptance”? Who knows.

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The oh-so-oppressed women at BuzzFeed thought it would be a great idea to fright “period stigma” (what even is that) by gathering their own menstrual blood and painting with it.

Okay, that’s just gross.

And how is that fighting this so called “period stigma”? Menstrual blood is gross. That’s why women do whatever they can to dispose of it. It’s a waste product!

But these are feminists. They seem to use other forms of waste as protests as well…

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Two employees of BuzzFeed participated. Chantel Houston and Devin Lytle videotaped a period blood paint session. And you know those wouldn’t be complete without some anti-Trump spin to them.

Sarah Levy, a feminist who infamously painted a portrait of Donald Trump with her own period blood, directs the two BuzzFeed feminists on how to paint with the blood of their shed uterus lining. “[Levy’s] inspiration stemmed from Trump’s comment about Megan Kelly having blood coming out of all parts of her body. Sarah took it as a jab towards women for menstruating and wanted to call it out through humor and art,” notes BuzzFeed. 

After the women discuss the experience of using a menstrual cup in order to collect the blood, they each open up a mason jar full of their own collection. They both almost vomit from the smell alone.

The Daily Wire

That’s when the painting begins.

Houston paints a bowl of cookies. (And has now ruined cookies for all of us.)

Lytle paints a glass of a wine and the moon because all women are actually witches, she jokes.

“I was immediately empowered,” Houston says. Empowered to throw up, maybe…

After they complete their works of monstrosity, the paintings are put on display for all coworkers to see.

Lytle had this to say about the showing: “I was a little shocked when some female coworkers were like, ‘ew’.”

Yeah, because who doesn’t want to see a painting made of menstrual blood? Stupid non-feminists.

But, like a good (brain-washed) feminist, she told them why it was actually empowering. And her coworkers were good little (brain-washed) feminists and quickly agreed with Lytle.

How did we get to this point?


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