Guess How Many Times CNN Has Said the Word ‘S***hole’ Since the Alleged Trump Report Broke

CNN has taken the cake when it comes to the most offended news network after the report broke Trump allegedly stated certain countries were a ‘sh**hole.’

NewsBusters reported that after reading transcripts from CNN on January 12, the first day after the Washington Post’s report broke on Trump’s reported “s***holes” comment, that the network repeated the phrase a total of 195 times on air.

That is just the 24 hours after the report broke, not including every time the word was written or displayed on screen.

That quite a lot of S-bombs to be dropping. In comparison, MSNBC said the word a total of 14 times, Fox News a total of zero.

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NewsBusters reported that, “ABC, CBS, and the PBS NewsHour were also zero, and the NBC Nightly News uncorked one on January 11.”

The report also revealed some hosts were more aggressive with the word than others, including Don Lemon who dropped the bomb a total of 33 times. The network’s New Day show also used it 33 time in just a 3 hour time span.

“By contrast, Wolf Blitzer’s and Erin Burnett’s hours only aired two apiece,” NewsBusters notes.

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