Guess What Obama is Building Around His House–It Starts with a ‘W’ and Ends in ‘ALL’

President Obama and his family are taking some of Trump’s advice and building themselves a wall… around their home. The new soon-to-be rental house is located in Washington D.C.

I guess they don’t want any unwanted visitors entering their home.

It’s funny, because that’s how all of America feels about our Southern Border. Maybe some freeloading illegals should take over their new casa and then MAYBE the Obamas would realize our struggle.

The new home had to be reconstructed for their secret service detail. They’re residing in D.C. until their daughter Sasha graduates.

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Guess who they are going to be neighbors with too. Ivanka Trump is rumored to be moving into the neighborhood.

TMZ broke the story and caught some photographs of the construction site.


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