GUESS WHAT OBAMA: Trump/Pence Inaugural Balls Were Just Deemed This in Most Recent History

Trump has already created waves by cutting down the number that are usually held. Then, on top of that, he does this. Just a little celebration and then they get to work. That’s awesome!

President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence, along with their wives, will attend all three inaugural balls on Friday night as is tradition for newly minted commanders in chief, the Presidential Inaugural Committee announced late Tuesday. The committee is touting all three events as the “most affordable in recent history” to ensure they are accessible to the public.

Two of the official balls – Liberty and Freedom – will be open to the public, though closed to media not part of the press pool. These balls will cost $50 each, significantly lower than the hundreds of dollars previous ones have cost, possibly due to the lack of A-list performers. In 2009, President Obama had Beyonce as a headline at one of his official balls.

The Freedom Ball is expected to have 25,000 people. Liberty is expected to host about 8,000.


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