Guess Which Liberal State Allows “NONBINARY” On Your License — Messed Up?

Well, it’s come to this. Say you are a turtle for all Oregon cares. It doesn’t really matter to them.

A decision by The Oregon Transportation Commission has allowed Oregon to become the first U.S. state to allow residents to identify as “nonbinary,” neither male nor female, on their driver licenses and other forms of identification cards.

Starting July 1, residents will have the choice of “F” for female, “M” for male, or “X” for…whatever they want, apparently, on their licenses.

Transgender and intersex Oregonians say the change validates their identities and makes them safer as they hand over their licenses at restaurants, health clinics and airports.

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Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles officials say they received little opposition to the change, which they first announced plans to carry out last summer.

Of 83 comments, both written and oral, only 12 people opposed the change.

The testimony offered “important insight into some DMV customers that according to one of the witnesses are as common as redheads,” said Tom McClellan, the division administrator for the department. “People didn’t share their testimony. They shared their stories. They told us of their struggles so we would understand the need.”

The rule change follows a historic precedent set last year when a Multnomah County Circuit Court judge allowed Portland Army veteran Jamie Shupe to legally identify as neither male nor female. Legal experts believed the ruling was a first in the United States.

Oregon Live

In Oregon, the change does not require a legislative vote because the state law does not stipulate that a driver needs to choose male or female.

According to The Williams Institute at the University of California-Los Angeles, around 20,000 residents of the state identify as transgender.

Now, California is considering the “nonbinary” on their licenses. They are probably sad they weren’t the first state to be “progressive”.

Commissioner Sean O’Hollaren was pleased with the decision.

“I hope those who will use X as an identifier will feel an element of comfort moving forward. It’s something we’re not only doing because legally our hand is forced. It’s something we should do because it’s the right thing to do.”

Do you think this is completely nuts? We sure do.


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