GUILTY: Two Men Smuggling Sub-Machine Guns Locked Up, Planning to Sell Weapons to…

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 9.46.44 AMGlad authorities were monitoring these thugs. Imagine if these landed in the hands of ISIS supporters.

Two men have been found guilty at the Old Bailey of smuggling assault rifles and sub-machine guns into the UK.

Harry Shilling, 26, and Michael Defraine, 30, were part of a gang that brought weapons worth £100,000 on a boat from France to Kent last August.

National Crime Agency detectives had them under surveillance and made what they say was the largest-ever weapons seizure on the UK mainland.

Two other defendants, Jennifer Arthy, 42, and John Smale, 58, were cleared.

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The NCA’s head of specialist operations, Rob Lewin, said: “These are hugely powerful firearms, and have, as the prosecution stated in court, a truly devastating capability.

“We cannot say for certain what the organised crime group would have done with the weapons had they not been stopped. But the evidence pointed to them not being afraid to use guns themselves to expand their influence.

“They wanted to move up in the criminal world from regional to international gangsters. The group was motivated by profit, so we can only speculate that some of these weapons would have been sold to whoever had the means to pay the asking price.”

‘Serious danger’

After Shilling and Defraine were found guilty of conspiring to import and sell the weapons, the judge, Mr Justice Topolski, told them they both faced the possibility of life sentences.

“Criminals like you at or near the top of criminal organisations invariably pose a serious danger to the public,” he said.


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