Gun Community Bursting with Diversity

Run-2The days of the term “gun community” only bringing to mind the image of older white men are ending, as young pro-gun voices begin speaking up and making their marks. Groups like the National Rifle Association have begun giving voice to an array of young women and men, both white and black, who shatter the misconceptions about who and what makes up the pro-gun community.

One such voice is Natalie Foster, the young and beautiful gun advocate who founded and runs

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, Foster explains that her site is neither Left or Right, neither liberal or conservative. She feels that firearms and self-protection are for all Americans regardless of political affiliation. Foster says: “The Second Amendment applies to all Americans, to the Republicans, Democrats, and all other political groups.

“Guns are American, they are part of our nation’s rich cultural heritage, and this heritage belongs to us all.”

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Foster is not the only young woman speaking up. Regis Giles, a 21-year-old blogger from Florida, started her own pro-gun website for girls called

Giles was very concerned with some women turning away from the idea of being responsible for their own safety.
“My main goal is to attract women who never thought about owning a firearm or taking responsibility for…



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