Gun Control Advocates Are Calling For The Murder Of Children

gun controlWhen a loved one dies it’s normal to be sad and then mad. You have to find someone or something to be mad at, to make hurt as much as you are hurting. That’s one reason there are so many lawsuits. We think someone has to pay for making us hurt. I’ve lost several loved ones and found myself angry at the wrong people or things until I calmed down and gained some time and perspective. Yes, I have even lost loved ones who were shot by people with guns. Not shot BY guns, shot by PEOPLE with guns. I have also lost loved ones to drunk drivers. So I do understand and know what I’m talking about.

The thought of any child being killed, let alone SO many, is enough to put any of us over the edge. But in case that isn’t awful enough, the absolute glee that gun-haters are portraying at the thought of being able to use this tragedy for their own agenda is beyond imaginable. And they say the NRA has an agenda? They need to look in the mirror.

The death threats that NRA people are receiving are a bit ironic. Gun-haters say gun-owners have guns because they like violence, but the gun-haters are the ones calling for us to be round up and shot. Funny how violence is OK when it’s for their reasons. There was absolutely no good reason for the Connecticut shooter to shoot children, but the gun control advocates think their reasons are “good”? If we’re going to have a conversation about mental illness, sounds like we better start with the gun control advocates.

The people threatening the NRA need to remember a few things: They are threatening people not a faceless corporation. Not all NRA members and gun owners are Republican. Not all NRA members are adults or male or white. Many children, such as my 14-year-old son, are members. So these people are calling for the murder of my son and other children. They are also calling for the murders of grandmothers like myself! Exactly how are they any different than Adam Lanza? I didn’t think anyone could be more cowardly than to kill children and then himself, but the people calling for NRA members to be killed are even more cowardly because they are asking others to do their dirty work.

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Several times I have heard that if there was ever a big push for gun control that it could lead to another civil war. I couldn’t figure out how that could happen until I started reading responses about the shooting in Connecticut. People have been writing that their own family members are telling them that the blood of the children is on their hands, simply because they own guns and are members of the NRA. If families are willing to hold their own brothers and sisters responsible for something they had absolutely nothing to do with, then yes, I now see how it could again be brother against brother, father against son, sister against sister. Very scary.

Why all the double-standards? Because guns are an easy emotional target. It seems to be the only area in our society where we hold the responsible people in contempt for what irresponsible and sick people do. We will spend untold hours and money fighting feel-good, useless laws, when that time and money could be better spent on other solutions. If that happens, if we waste time on laws that change nothing, then should those who are only fighting for gun control be the ones held responsible the next time this happens? If, because of them, we get nowhere on actually addressing the root of the problem, is the next child’s blood on their hands? Will they accept that blame like they’re expecting me to?

They think getting rid of the inanimate object is the solution. Did the NFL players who turned in their guns after the NFL player killed his girlfriend also get rid of their cars and pour out all their alcohol and vow to never drink again after another NFL player killed his friend while drinking and driving? Did anyone tell football fans that they had blood on their hands because they encourage the sports culture that allows athletes to think they are above everything and can get away with anything?

The pain of all the children dying is unfathomable. But it is not made better by blaming all the people who had absolutely nothing to do with it. That solves nothing, it helps nothing, it only serves to makes things worse by dividing the nation. They want to have a “conversation” about gun control. Would any of them have a conversation with people who are calling for them and their children to be murdered?

I will not stop writing about guns, not stop owning guns, and not stop shooting guns because I DIDN’T DO ANYTHING WRONG! I will not be bullied by self-serving individuals who think they are morally superior to me yet are willing to exploit dead children to benefit their own agenda. The Obama administration not only allowed but aided in giving guns to the drug cartels. Now they think they can tell me I’m the one who is irresponsible with guns? They want to tell me to count on the government to protect me? How well did that work for the four Americans in Benghazi?

The wolves are telling the sheep what they will do to protect them and expecting them to believe it. Unfortunately, the sheep are falling for it, but the sheepdogs (we NRA members) are committed to exposing the wolves and protecting the sheep.

The famous saying by Martin Niemoller must be remembered and repeated often in the coming days: “They came for the Communists, but I didn’t speak up because I was none of those. Then they came for the Jews and I didn’t speak up because I was not a Jew. Then they came for the trade unionists and I didn’t speak up because I didn’t practice a trade. Then they came for the Catholics, and I was a Protestant so I didn’t speak up. Then they came for me… by that time there was no one left to speak up.”


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